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Article 'Play, Games and Gamification'
Play, Games and Gamification
April 23, 2015
What is the Real Innovation of Lean Thinking?
September 6, 2015


Setting a new standard in workspace innovation


Condition: Leaders must ensure that meaning and purpose are disseminated throughout the organization so that everyone knows their role and embraces the collective goals.


  1. Promote the debate and a freethinking mind-set
  2. Encourage multiple views and contributions
  3. Expose the knowledge from the most qualified people
  4. Allow people getting to know each other
  5. Bring up hidden talent
  6. Encourage people to curiously question assumptions
  7. Invite a process of collecting and expressing emotions
  8. Increase the willingness to take risks
  9. Assume that at least one potential solution is better than the existing ones
  10. Use interdisciplinary approaches
  11. Overcomes obstacles: e.g. too risky, too odd, not meeting our processes
  12. Build consensus, get everyone on the same page
  13. Help to adopt a common language
  14. Allow effective insight gathering
  15. Encourage more quality participation
  16. Promote bottom-up introduction of new methods and processes
  17. Generate fresh insights without typical filters and dogmas
  18. Combine creativity (divergence) with discipline (convergence)
  19. Adopt very early, low fidelity and fast prototype
  20. Explore and communicate potential solutions with prototypes
  21. Build more empathy and engagement with users
  22. Leverage direct customer feedback
  23. Understand how value can be co-created with customers
  24. Encourage peer and customer feedback loops
  25. Gamify only the practices that make sense
  26. Overcome innovation key killers: arrogance and complacency


Innovation leaders should master on a continuous basis the relationship between core business incremental innovation and the entrepreneur sprit across or outside the core business.


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